Why New Zealanders want an EEW System
September 1, 2020
Prototyping Community Workshops
September 10, 2020

Visit to Paraparaumu College

Paraparaumu teachers Peter Brown and Jack Penman and Project team members Marion Tan and Raj Prasanna

Members of the project team visited Paraparaumu College to discuss potential instalment of an earthquake sensor and future engagements with the school on investigating earthquake early warning systems. Raj and Marion met with Principal Craig Steed, and robotics and digital technology teachers Jack Penman and Peter Brown.

The project looks to investigate an EEW system with participation from communities (e.g. schools, libraries, cultural groups, apartment dwellers, households, etc.). The research team aims to engage with schools to learn about the technical and social challenges and opportunities of an EEW system for school communities. At the same time, the project has an education and outreach aspect that seeks to involve students in exploring potential solutions through fun activities such as hackathons and competitions (watch this space!).

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