Sensor for Matatā Public School
October 20, 2020
Sensors in Schools Webinar
November 10, 2020

New paper: Public perspectives on EEW for New Zealand

Abstract of New Paper

Just out: a paper showing the results of a survey of the New Zealand public (n=3,084) on earthquake early warning system. Key findings include the respondents’ threshold for warning at shaking intensity of MM5-6 and the preference of receiving warning via mobile phone. The results from the survey also show that respondents’ likely actions from an alert will depend on the timeframe of the alert. Shorter timeframes (<10s) will likely get respondents to do quicker/easier actions like stopping and taking immediate protective action. As timeframe increases, the likelier respondents will do other actions like moving, helping others, and seek more information. The survey results will be helpful in guiding the development of an earthquake early warning system in Aotearoa New Zealand. More detailed results can be accessed online at

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