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May 17, 2021
Conference proceeding: Insights from the Community-of-Practice
July 6, 2021

Lightning Talks on Smart Resilient Cities for TechWeek 2021

On the 28th of May, we successfully hosted our session of TechWeek 2021 on Smart Resilient Cities Showcase in the Executive Seminar Suite in Massey University, Wellington Campus. The showcase was delivered through face-to-face lightning talks and panel discussions. One of the speakers, also one of ECLIPSE‘s iwi research leaders, Kelvin Tapuke started the session with karakia.

We invited 10 researchers and PhD students with different interests and expertise to share with us their approach towards capabilities for Disaster Risk Reduction. The lightning talks were divided into two themes: “It’s all about earthquakes, but so much more”, and “Data and communication”. The topics included community engagement, Kaupapa Māori, citizen science, structural engineering, digital technology, sensor monitoring, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, warning systems, uncertainty communication, and others.

Dr Marion Tan, Kelvin Tapuke, Rasika Nandana, Amin Ghasemi and Dr Max Stephens on “It’s all about earthquakes, but so much more”.
Dr Carol Stewart, Nilani Algiriyage, Sara Harrison, Shohil Kishore and Annal Dhungana on “Data and communication”.

We also had a great audience from EQC, GNS, WCC, Red Cross and students from Wellington East Girls’ College. The panel discussions were very interactive and enjoyable. More understanding, emerging interests and collaborations were gained from the session.

Much appreciation goes to the speakers and guests. Thank you all for coming, and see you next time!

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