CRISiSLab Webinar: Thoughts on Earthquake Early Warning and Operational Forecasting in Southwest Iceland
February 2, 2022
Cover photo text: Introducing ISCRAM - Bridging research and public safety. Webinar, 22 February 2022
Introducing our EEW work with ISCRAM at EENA
February 24, 2022

CRISiSLab Webinar: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing-Earthquake Early Warning Development in a Diverse Community of Practice

On the 8th of February, we had our first CRISiSLab webinar in the new year 2022. Dr Elizabeth Reddy gave us a passionate presentation to share her expertise in CoP engagement.

The title of her presentation is quite interesting: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing – Earthquake Early Warning Development in a Diverse Community of Practice.  

Elizabeth is from the US and is an Assistant Professor in Engineering, Design, & Society and Geophysics at Colorado School of Mines. Her areas of expertise include environmental anthropology; hazards, risks, and disasters; science and technology studies; and engineering education; with area expertise in the USA and Mexico. 

Here are a few slides from Elizabeth’s presentation. We also share the full recording of the webinar on our YouTube Channel CRISiSLab where you can access below following the slides.

With the ongoing pandemic, it has limited our engagement in the physical world, but the internet has helped a long way. We’ve had amazing presentations around the EEW research focusing on different aspects around the world. For CRISiSLab webinar, we invite speakers from all around the world to share their newest findings and knowledge regarding earthquake early warning. We have been organising webinars, workshops or similar engagement activities for the Community-of-Practice regularly. If interested to be included in the list, please email Alicia at [email protected].

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