The public engagement component of the Earthquake Early Warning project consisted of eight in-person workshops involving 140 participants from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The workshops set out to better understand people’s needs, opportunities and challenges of establishing a potential Earthquake Early Warning solution in Aotearoa New Zealand. Workshop participants voiced their expectations, including their perceptions of benefit, their level of trust and their corresponding level of comfort in response to proposed scenarios.

The following report sets out the high-level findings from our engagement with communities. The report can be accessed here: An earthquake early warning for Aotearoa New Zealand? (

Suggested Citation:

Brown, A., Parkin, T., Tan, M. L., Prasanna, R., Becker, J., Stock, K., Kenney, C., & Lambie, E. (2021). An earthquake early warning system for Aotearoa New Zealand? Community engagement findings 2020–2021