CRISiSLab Challenge 2021 is a huge success!

The CRISiSLab Challenge 2021 is a new and exciting competition for college students who are passionate about technology and science.

We encourage more young scientists to step into the field of Technology and Crisis Management.

Students will work with a Raspberry Shake seismometer (provided by CRISiSLab) and play with real live data generated from the sensors.

The winners will get a Summer Internship with CRISiSLab in Massey University!

What is Raspberry Shake?

Raspberry Shake is a very clever little custom circuit board, that fits right onto the most popular single-board personal computer, the Raspberry Pi, transforming it into a professional grade personal seismograph.

It is probably the smallest seismograph of its caliber in existence, but don’t let its size fool you – It can record earthquakes of all magnitudes, from the vanishingly small blips that are imperceptible to human senses, to the big destructive earthquakes that regularly happen around the world.

As soon as the Raspberry Shake is plugged in and set up, you can see, record and analyze the Earth’s motion in real time!

Useful Resources

Please click on the link below to find some useful resources that will help the students to understand the basics of Raspberry Shake and the guides for programming tools:
Resources Document

Challenge Overview

Key Information

Judging Criteria

  • Display of the Live Dashboard
  • Innovation and Effectiveness of the Alert
  • Presentation and Demonstration

Contact details

Please email Alicia Cui and Marion Tan from CRISiSLab for further information

Alicia Cui: [email protected]
Marion Tan: [email protected]

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